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Perpetuating American Traditions for Future Generations


Our WWII Scrapbook

Posted by on 3-8-15

Geo. Washington Remembered

Posted by on 2-22-15

“A Return to the Past”

Posted by on 1-24-15

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FDR ~ a Extra-ordinary man and leader

We commemorate the 70th anniversary of the passing of FDR, a extra-ordinary man and leader during one of worst periods of the first half of the1900s.

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Sasquatch, Ghosts, Legends & Mystery

Bigfoot, Ghosts and Adirondack Legends and so much more – Books available at the Hancock House’s Book Store

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Ticonderoga In Ashes

The early morning hours of March 31, 1875 found the village of Ticonderoga in the grip of one of her greatest disasters.

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