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Perpetuating American Traditions for Future Generations

Black Watch Library, the beginnings

The beginnings – the story behind the birth of a community that built a public library – the Black Watch Library, Ticonderoga, NY.

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Memorial Pavers available for Champlain Legacy Park

Looking for a truly meaningful and long-lasting memorial for someone who you wish to remember or honor. Having an important event that should be celebrated? Consider a meaningful granite memorial placed in a beautiful landscaped setting along the LaChute River here in Ticonderoga.

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Ti Welcomes the 1980 Olympic Torch

Ticonderoga was one of the host communities that welcomed the Olympic Torch and its runners, not once but twice

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Ticonderoga’s Indian Pageant, A Historical Account

A personal narrative by Arthur A. Carr of the birth and development of the “Indian Pageant” held at the Forest Theater, Cook’s Grove, Ticonderoga, NY

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