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Perpetuating American Traditions for Future Generations

Moses-Ludington Hospital, a Retrospective Review

A restrospective review of some of the earliest physicians and surgeons that practice at the Moses and Moses – Ludington Hospitals

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Hancock House, an icon of colonial architecture

“A Sense of Place” – the Hancock House – Ticonderoga and Boston.

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Do You Believe?

We need your financial help to achieve our $1,000 Challenge Grant by July 16th.

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It’s All About Football – Encore!

A look back at the early football history in Ticonderoga and the region. Updated with new illustrations and photos of the region’s high school teams and players of recent years.

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Ticonderoga’s Memorial Day 2015

Ticonderoga’s American Legion Post #224 Memorial Day 2015 ceremony

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“Ski where History was Made”

“Ski where History was Made” the story behind the Ticonderoga Snow Club.

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