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Perpetuating American Traditions for Future Generations

“Ski where History was Made”

“Ski where History was Made” the story behind the Ticonderoga Snow Club.

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It’s All About Football

“It’s all about football” provides and insight into the early history of the sport from a local perspective.

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In Harm’s Way

At 1201 on 21 January 1945, near Formosa, a Japanese Kamikaze pilot crashed his “Zeke” plane through the flight deck of the USS Ticonderoga (CG14). Just short of an hour later a second suicide pilot crashed his plane into “Ti’s” super-structure.

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Decembers Remembered

A “December Remembrance” from today to yesteryear.

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Thanksgiving Greetings

Special “Thanksgiving” remembrance and “thank you” to all those that have, and are serving, in our Armed Forces.

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Ticonderoga Fire Department, Its Early History – Part II

The history of the Ticonderoga Fire Departments continues in Part II

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