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Perpetuating American Traditions for Future Generations

The Irish Contribution to America

A personal view of the many Irish contributions made to American from the initial settlement through the Civil War with a plea for consideration for the recognition of Irish Independence in the 1920s.

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FDR ~ a Extra-ordinary man and leader

We commemorate the 70th anniversary of the passing of FDR, a extra-ordinary man and leader during one of worst periods of the first half of the1900s.

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Did You You See This?

For those that have seen the Ticonderoga Historical Society’s “Festival of Trees” exhibit can you match the featured decoration to the display? For those that haven’t seen the exhibit, here is an opportunity to prepare yourself for a treasure hunt when you do.

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Annual Festival of Trees 50/50 Raffle Tickets Available

The Annual Festival of Trees will be held by the Ticonderoga Historical Society at the Hancock House, Sunday, December 8th. The popular 50/50 raffle drawing will be pulled at this time.

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Fashion Exhibit | Opens June 29, 2013

Bid Adieu, But Enjoy the Stroll – Old Threads From Ticonderoga

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Lady’s Fashions Exhibit in Harmon Gallery

“Lady’s Fashions” exhibit at the Hancock House Harmon Gallery

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