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Perpetuating American Traditions for Future Generations

What Crown Pointers Were Reading

Take a look into what Crown Pointers were reading leading up to the Civil War.

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Early American Dolls

Early American Dolls – a 1937 exhibit of Imogene Anderson Doll Collection displayed at the Hancock House, Ticonderoga, NY

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Lake Horicon & Lake Champlain, Part II

Lake Horicon and Lake Champlain – a story of these two lakes and the communities along their shores.

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Lake Horicon & Lake Champlain

A unique reading experience of traveling on Lake George and Lake Champlain before the Civil War era.

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A Scottish Ghost Story of Yore

A Ghost Story of Duncan Campbell and the Battle of Carillon July 1758

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The Indian Harvest Festival at Ticonderoga

For nearly three decades in late August there was an Indian Harvest Festival in Ticonderoga, it is remembered by one of its founders. Arthur A. Carr.

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