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Perpetuating American Traditions for Future Generations

I Remember Chestnuts

This I write to you my grandchildren. You should know some of the pleasures of your grandfather’s childhood.

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Ticonderoga’s Old Roads

Here in Ticonderoga we may say with truth that we are still using one of America’s oldest roads.  The carry from Lake George to the...

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Captured, the Fortress of America!!

Surrender this fort in the name of the Great Jehovah and the Continental Congress…..

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Ti Welcomes the 1980 Olympic Torch

Ticonderoga was one of the host communities that welcomed the Olympic Torch and its runners, not once but twice

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Ticonderoga’s Indian Pageant, A Historical Account

A personal narrative by Arthur A. Carr of the birth and development of the “Indian Pageant” held at the Forest Theater, Cook’s Grove, Ticonderoga, NY

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Original Kleffel Art Work Donated

The large framed colored poster is believed to be one of the six publicity posters completed by the well-known local artist and photographer Theodore H. Kleffel, for the Society for the Preservation of Indian Lore’s 1947 Indian Pageant held here at Cook’s Grove. Other pieces of Mr. Kleffel’s work were used extensively in the Society’s ’47 pamphlet with scenes that coordinated with the Pageant’s performance theme: “The Birth of the Longhouse” or the “First League of Nations.”

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