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Perpetuating American Traditions for Future Generations

Harmon Art Gallery

The Society fulfills its fine arts mandate by promoting the visual arts through its Harmon Gallery where regional artists showcase their talents with exhibitions in many different media; and, as a featured  exhibit space for the Society’s themed programs.

The Gallery is in a former bedroom located off the Washington Bedroom. The exhibit gallery is named after Miriam Harmon, a benefactor to the Society was an educator and a faithful member of the American Daughters of the Revolution. She was the only daughter of Rev. Willard Harmon, the local Congregational Minister and a good member of the Ticonderoga Historical Society. 


 “Steamboats A’Comin.” 


 The Society’s commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Lake George Steamboat Co. with a further examination of steamboats plying the waters of the Adirondack and the Lakes Champlain & George regions.


CLICK HERE to learn more about Steamboats in the Adirondacks, Lake Champlain, and Lake George regions!