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In Rememberance – Pan Am Flight 103

In Rememberance – Pan Am Flight 103

There has been so many acts of terrorism in recent years that has touched so many of our families here in this region.  On this day twenty-eight years ago ~ 21 December 1988 ~ Pan Am Flight 103 enroute from Frankfurt, Germany via London, to Detroit was bombed killing all 243 passengers and 16 crew members.  An additional 11 more were killed on the ground in Lockerbie, Scotland.   From this area, there was a loss of 35 students attending Syracuse University aboard that flight who were returning back to Syracuse after studying abroad.   Closer to home, Sgt. Eric Jon Williams, his wife Bonnie Leigh Rafferty Williams and their two daughters ~ Stephanie Leigh and Brittany Leigh,  where also on board.




Here in Ticonderoga near the Frazier Bridge Pathway stands a memorial in remembrance to all those that died on that fatal day due to terrorism.  It is also a remembrance memorial to the Williams family, with Ticonderoga and Crown Point roots.





Three additional memorials of this tragedy are located at Syracuse University, Arlington National Cemetery and at Dryfesdale Cemetery – just outside Lockerbie, Scotland.





We remember ~~


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