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Perpetuating American Traditions for Future Generations

Museum at the Hancock House

The Hancock House was erected in 1926 as The Headquarters House. The following is taken from the opening page of a booklet published by the New York State Historical Association entitled The HEADQUARTERS HOUSE:

A Reproduction of
The Colonial Mansion
built in Boston -1737-1740
and occupied by
John Hancock,
President of the Second
Continental Congress
and Signer of the
Declaration of Independence,
Was presented to the
New York State Historical Assoc
Horace A. Moses
A Son of Ticonderoga, to
Perpetuate American Traditions
in History and the Fine Arts.”

WP - Old Photographs Collection

Old Photographs Collection

Today at the Hancock House, the Ticonderoga Historical Society honors the legacy of Horace Moses. Since its reorganization in 1975, the Historical Society has made the Hancock House our home, paying tribute to the intent of our benefactor.

Our main interests are in the collection and safe-keeping of manuscripts, which give first hand excellent information of past events; of early newspapers, for they reflect much of the social and business life of their period; of clothing and household or craft implements or furniture, for they tell the tale of our forefathers homes.

We maintain this elegant Georgian mansion, augmenting our collections and promoting them through programs, events and community outreach. It is imperative to us to share our rich heritage and diverse history with a new generation. We open our doors for discovery and awareness at every opportunity.