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Robert Rogers’ and the French and Indian War – Burt Garfield Loescher

Inventory of the Burt Garfield Loescher Paper, 1940-2002 “Robert Rogers’ and the French and Indian War”

Volume: 8 cubic feet

400278_471381369551317_759596133_nSeries 1: Writings

This series included typescripts and drafts of Loescher’s published and unpublished books and articles. His long novel of Robert Rogers and his exploits, Falcons of the Lake, remained unpublished at his death. The most significant of Loescher’s unpublished work, however, is Officers and Men of Rogers’ Rangers, an expanded version of the third volume of his History of Rogers’ Rangers. This work included listings and biographical data on all those who served in the Rangers, not just the officers who were represented in the published volume. (3 boxes)

Series 2: Correspondence

This series relates primarily to Loescher’s research and writings. There is considerable correspondence with other researchers and enthusiasts for Rogers’ Rangers, which provides evidence of Loescher’s friendships and relationships with larger community of Ranger enthusiasts and included discussions and speculations about the history of Rogers’ Rangers. The extensive correspondence with artist Gary Zaboly is one of the most prominent features of this series. (2 boxes)

Series 3: Rogers’ St. Francis Raid

Loescher’s research on Robert Roger’s 1759 raid on Abenaki town of St. Francis was the focus of the last part of his life, and he maintained a separate group of files relating to the raid. (1 box)

Series 4: Research and Subject Files

This series brings together an assortment of research material collected by Loescher as well as research notes made by him on various subjects. Heading typically reflect the headings Loescher himself used in his own filing system. Sources include photocopies of articles and published primary source materials. (1 box)

553215_428544403835014_2131785924_n-1000Series 5: Writings by Others

This series consist of published and unpublished writings by others, chiefly about Robert Rogers, the French and Indian War, and military uniforms of the era. (1 box)

Series 6: Personal

This series includes personal records of trips taken by the Loeschers, information about Loescher’s oil paintings, and his efforts to sell his collections of manuscripts, research materials and paintings. (1 box)

Series 7: Miniature Military Figures and Military Uniforms

This series reflects Loescher’s interests in the history of military uniforms as manifested first in his activities as a designer and collector of military miniatures and second as a collector of images of military uniforms. (4 boxes)