How To Make A Cigarette Box

How To Make A Cigarette Box. 3 make the main box by sticking the bottom tabs [a] to the inside of the bottom. Get secured custom cigarette boxes.

Portable Wooden Cigarette Case Box FeelGift from

With a little creativity, imagination and artistic flair, those little boxes can be transformed into beautiful pieces of art. Stick the flaps [e] to the underside of the top of the packet [f]. Usually, standard size cigarette box is used for the packaging of 20 cigarettes.

Now We Will Make A Cigarette Box Of Teak Wood.

If you have the machinery, you can also use aluminum that is thin enough to bend but thick enough to keep from crumpling, for a box that lasts even longer. Diy, followed by 130 people on pinterest. Download a cigarette box template.

Stick The Flaps [E] To The Underside Of The Top Of The Packet [F].

Making wooden handicrafts is fun and rewarding. Check our full range of premium quality cigarette cases, custom cigarette packaging design, containers, holders. Gather all the materials and tools.

Place A Real Cigarette Filter On The Left End Of The Paper So That It Touches The Very Edge.

Cigarette box printing colors is cmyk, cmyk + one pms color, cmyk + two pms colors and different color is accessible here. Simple steps to make cardboard cigarette box step 1: To get a nice clean edge, it is easiest to rip off a larger piece of foil, then fold over your top edge and run your fingernail along the folded edge to straighten it.

Lay A Cigarette Filter On One End Of The Center Crease Of The Paper.

Standard 5 sized cigarette box : I hope now you have figured out how to make it. If not then refer step by step pictures attached above.

Make A Box By Gluing The Parts Together.

4 now stick the sides [c] over the side flaps [d]. Fold to make bottom large part of the box. Custom cigarette box cardboard stock size usually 300gsm, 400gs, turn up stock, kraft card.

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