How To Smoke Weed On Sims 4

How To Smoke Weed On Sims 4. Sims 4 i have bought the jar and have and have 10 pieces of uncured weed but i cannot put it in the jar. You can find the reward trait in the reward store and it costs 500 aspiration points.

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Sims 4 i have 20 buds of og kush and two empty jars for curing on my counter. Ever wanted to be a drug dealer in sims 4? The extent of the realism is pretty shocking although, apparently, filip has so far declined requests to add heroin to the game.

Sims 4 I Have Bought The Jar And Have And Have 10 Pieces Of Uncured Weed But I Cannot Put It In The Jar.

Your sim will no longer have a time restriction when selling to his or her customers. A new mod called basemental is includes 4 various medication mods to the game, including amphetamines, mdma, weed, and drug. To find this mod search the sims 4 basemental drugs into google or your favorite this video i show you step by step how to grow and smoke with t.

Sims Can Grow Cannabis, And Make Money Dealing Drugs.

Each one has their own technique. Documents/electronic arts/the sims 4/mods/some folder/basemental drugs. Basemental introduced four drugs to the game:

In Fact, You’ll Have Plenty Of Ways To Go About It.

Remember getting addicted to weed is bad but still it does not hurt to make your simmie hit the pot a little while. What he does show, he says, he shows for the sake of realism and awareness, both good and bad. 🌱 in the game, you won't see it referred to as weed,.

🎧☕ I Wanted To Share How To Smoke Weed In The Sims 4.

Level 9 get higher prices when selling. In the game, you won't see it referred to as weed, but it will instead be referred to as. Six months in, filip has created a mod called basemental, which drops drugs into the sims world like the cia did in communities throughout the 80s.

🎧☕ I Wanted To Let You Know How To Grow Weed In The Sims 4 Using The Basemental Drug Mod.

We bow to this kind of sims 4 weed smoke graphic could possibly be the most trending subject next we portion it in google pro or facebook. The trait needs to be purchased and added to the sim prior to getting cancer. To relate this thing in the personal life.

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